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Marriages are sometimes fraught with difficulties that can easily be resolved with life coaching. When such problems exist, my coaching:

  • Helps individuals contemplating marriage to explore individual strengths, weaknesses, similarities and differences that will ultimately ensure a harmonious relationship

  • Helps such individuals and couples achieve their marital goals

  • Helps them find strategies that improve communication and intimacy

  • Resolve marital stress

  • Find resources that go beyond my coaching agenda

  • Guides clients contemplating separation

Lena Hall, PHD

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Founder & President, Life Coach, Corporate Adviser

Dr. Hall is a trained Counselling psychologist and a Certified Life Coach. In addition to life coaching she spent two decades teaching psychology, and in private practice as a counselling psychologist.


She is the author of several books and research articles on multicultural psychology, American psychology, family, and marital couples’ issues.  Here main focus today is life coaching, giving seminars and writing. 

Lena Hall - Professional Life Coach

I am a testimonial to Dr. Hall’s life coaching. I experienced the trauma of infidelity in my marriage and believed that divorce was inevitable.

After my life coaching experience with Dr. Hall, she helped me to gain a new perspective on my relationship. She provided support as my husband and I found a new way to communicate our needs to each other.

Our marital bond is now stronger, more secure as we now enjoy a peaceful, trusting and loving relationship.



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