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A Unique Life Coaching Service


Call now to schedule 20 minutes free consultation. National and international callers please make note of time differences. We are in Eastern Standard Time Zone.  (954)600-7169

Sessions are one hour long.

$120 for the first one hour session. 

$500 for five sessions package and  $100 after that for each hour. 

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  • Are you overwhelmed with parenting and working?

  • Are you burdened by single-parenting?

  • Are you confused about the role of step -parenting?

  • Are you concerned about the effect of divorce on your children?

  • Are marital conflicts affecting your parenting?

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Are there some changes that you want to make in your life? Are there blocks preventing you from becoming all that you can be?

You may be unaware of what these blocks are and wonder why you are not experiencing the joys of life that you deserve.

My coaching will help you discover the blocks, face them and work past them. When that happens, you will feel free to set goals in your life and work toward achieving them.

My coaching will be at your own pace. I will help you explore alternatives, experiment with these choices until you find the best course of action that will be rewarding and fulfilling for you.

I will be available to you for as long as you need my help and support.

The hallmark of my coaching is that it is not psychological counselling. It is you, deciding what transitions you want to make in your life and I, as the life coach, helping you to make it.

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Your Greatest Self.


Why not see if we can help improve your family relationships.  Call Lena Hall and set up your appointment today.


(954) 600-7169




With the increase in divorce and the subsequent increase in blended families, there is a whole set of challenges related to differences in values which include, work habits, money management, attitudes toward parenting, entertainment needs, and eating habits.

Cultural differences may also play a vital role in the mushrooming of these family challenges.

My coaching helps individuals and couples assess these differences, arrive at workable compromises that result in a happy, well-adjusted, fully functioning family life.

I coach individuals and couples to find solutions to problems in their family life. This may involve modification of their methods of communication, implementation of strategies that embrace differences or incorporating individual strengths, that result in the emergence of new family dynamics that coincide with the mosaic of a diverse culture.

Lets focus on your family

Coaching can via telephone, skype, whatsup or in person.

(954) 600-7169

Lena Hall, Ph.D.

Certified Life Coach



I am testimonial to the support I received from Dr. Hall. I was newly retired and although I have many skills and talents, I was having a challenge trying to connect my interest in piano and photography, both of which are my hobbies.


Dr. Hall provided me with a number of handouts which I completed.  Then, through a series of questions did a phenomenal job having me think about, and ultimately able to see how I could effectively coordinate my interest in piano playing with photography.


I was even able to see how I could eventually use the information I gathered to present it in a book g format.  She also helped me to see other ways I could expand these skills creatively.


I found Dr. Hall to be a professional who is kind, patient, pleasant and encouraging.  She kept me on track throughout the process in a completely stress-free mode.  My sessions with Dr. Hall were awesome!



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