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Here at Finn's Bakery, we are baking from scratch the good old fashion way because we know that tastes the best. 


Have company? Why not enjoy your time with them? Finn's Bakery can help you serve up old fashioned breakfast breads, muffins, quiches to your special guests. If you are sharing with family, or just an afternoon chat with a friend, indulge yourself, Finn's Bakery creates most items in individual serving sizes.


Pick up the phone, we would love to hear from you or just simply order online.


You can order direct by telephone, email or shopping directly thru our menu system.  We except all major credit cards, checks, money orders or good old fashion cash.  Please explore our yummy deserts below:  Warning guaranteed to make you drool..... :-)

Finn's Bakery Specializes in Home Made Cooking from Breakfast Baked Goods to Delicious Desserts. 


We Get our Fresh Produce from Gulfport Produce
Call (727) 565-5547
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