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"Hi, I am Big Ben"


Hi I am Big Ben.  I love to jump, run and play all the time.  My handler calls me Oreo not because I am black and white, but because I ate his Oreos when he was not looking.  I am just a little mischievous but that is because I like to have fun.  I am already Pottie trained and I love to chew on my doggie bones as well as a little on the sofa.  However I am working on that and trying not to chew on the things I am not suppose to.

I am only 5 months old so I am not sure yet what you expect me to do, but I am learning as I go along my daily chores of getting into things.

I love to get my pictures taken and maybe I will be a movie star some day.

Won't you take me home today?  Please call my owner (727) 323-4677

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